If the patient has just been intubated and you are unsure how they will manage their situation, secure the rigid strap to the bed.


Once the patient awakens, minimize sedation to a comfortable level that allows the most non-agitated interaction or movement.


Once you have minimized sedation, then minimize restraint (see below). The goal is to untie the patient from the bed.

Minimizing Restraint

There are 2 bed restraint options and a no-restraint strap option. 

The rigid strap is the most restrictive and can be adjusted by length depending on what arm movement is safe for the patient AT THAT TIME. It can also be used for procedures to keep the arm in proper position.

The bungee strap allows slower, somewhat limited arm movement. Choose this level if your patient is not aggressive but is unpredictable and may cause harm. Use sedation wisely to maintain a balance of cognition, mobility, safety and dignity. 

The bungee strap is also used for resistance exercise and can be used for non-restraint purposes. 

ExersidesTM without restraint straps can also be used for non-restraint exercise purposes and should be the goal with each patient.