Early Mobilization

How early is 'Early'?

Some hospitals wait 2 days before mobilizing patients! ExersidesTM allows mobilization the MOMENT the patient is able.

How often should I mobilize my patient?

Many patients only receive physical/occupational therapy sessions for 1/2 hour per day! ExersidesTM allows movement 24 hours per day at the patient's own pace.

Who is needed to mobilize a patient?

Most hospitals require a Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Nurse or a Licensed Nurse Assistant to mobilize patients. ExersidesTM allows patients to move themselves and perform their own Active Range of Motion (AROM)!

Is Early In-Bed Mobilization safe?

Certainly, but nursing judgement is required to assess a patient's readiness for safe movement. Fortunately, there are several levels of mobility to choose from and you will find one that is right for your patient.

Can Family be involved?

Most definitely! We believe it is healthy for family members to be involved in the healing process of their loved one. You may want to provide a general guideline  for family to make the most of this precious asset.

Could a patient self-extubate while mobilizing?

We believe not but will have evidence after our on-going trial. ExersidesTM allows all joints to move but the hand shield protects tubes and lines from injurious contact.