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Founder: Marie Pavini MD FCCP

Marie Pavini, MD

Marie Pavini MD FCCP

Marie Pavini is a Critical Care physician practicing in Vermont.

Dr. Pavini had always thought there was something inherently wrong with awakening a patient for team rounds only to re-sedate them afterward.

She felt it was not enough to provide physical and occupational therapy sporadically and return the patient to immobility for the rest of the day.

Dr. Pavini believed that patients should be as awake and interactive as comfortably possible while keeping them and staff safe – and that is how the concept of Refraint was born.

While a patient may require one level of sedation and restraint at one moment, this can change throughout their stay. Considering this, Dr. Pavini wanted there to be a device that could change according to patient needs, always providing the least restraint necessary. So she made one.


The product now known as Exersides™ is the result of Dr. Pavini’s quest to develop a restraint alternative.

In 2015, she began researching design concepts and in 2016, the first prototype was manufactured.

In 2017, she performed a Pilot study with the V1 prototype.

In 2018 she assembled a world-class research team and was awarded a NIH grant to produce and test a revised V2 prototype.

The revision from this NIH trial is V3 – the Exersides™ Refraint System.

Healthy Design and Exersides™

Dr. Pavini launched Healthy Design in 2015 to develop products that improve the ICU experience for patients and staff.

Exersides™ is the flagship product of Healthy Design. Additional innovative devices to help patients are under development.