About Us

The Founder

Marie Pavini MD is a Critical Care physician in Vermont.

The Motivation

Dr. Pavini knew there was something inherently wrong with waking a patient up for team rounds only to re-sedate them afterward.

She also felt it was not enough to provide physical and occupational therapy sporadically, and return the patient to immobility for the remainder of the day.

Dr. Pavini felt that patients should be as awake and interactive as comfortably possible.

It was clear that while a patient may require one level of sedation and restraint at one moment in their course, that it changes throughout their stay and there should be a device that can change with them to offer 'Least Restraint Necessary' at all times. ExersidesTM was the product of this philosophy.


Dr. Pavini began her quest to develop a restraint alternative in 2015. She obtained a grant in 2016 and produced a prototype that would allow mobility and be able to change with the patient's changing needs. In 2017, she performed a Pilot Study with the ExersidesTM prototype and began assembling a world-class research team to conduct a clinical trial and in 2018 was awarded a NIH grant. ExersidesTM is patent and trademark pending and is currently for Investigational Use Only. It is not yet on the market.